Color Name Ideas

Using colors, hues, and textures to elicit a feeling or tone for your brand.

  • tealpants

    If your clothing store specializes in items for people with a unique fashion sense, you’ll need a name that captures that essence.

  • mustardshirts

    Apparel that sells so fast, it must have some mustard on it! Sure, that was cheesy but you are starting a company called Mustard Shirts, so let’s call it even.

  • woodgrained

    Wood is nature’s canvas, with grains that tell their own unique story. People love to see the rich, fascinating details of the materials in their furniture, flooring, and decor. That just so happens to be your specialty.

  • rustglobal

    Whether you interpret this name in a literal or figurative sense, there is so much that can be done with a name like this. You’ve stumbled upon rusty gold—so snatch it up!

  • blackfixtures

    Making a home feel modern, cool, and comfortable is a big challenge. Your store sells a wide range of black knobs, pulls, fixtures, and accessories to drab places into fab spaces.

  • cyanpig

    If your company prides itself on being fun, light-hearted, and creative, you just stumbled into a trough of pure gold.

  • brasshen

    This name combines one of the most common metals found in bars and pubs around the world with the matriarch of the farmhouse coop. Sounds like a business that’s been around, has earned its reputation, and exists to serve its customers.

  • walnutandglass

    Your shop is rustic yet sophisticated. You sell products for tasteful living in the modern home. This brand is a touch of masculine with a splash of natural charm.

  • northerngreenery

    Instilling visions of lush beauty and evergreen content this domain is perfect for a range of industry niches and is a wonderful option for a blog or website that is ready to grow and be evergreen!

  • grainymedia

    Why deliver a service that is smooth and level to remain safe when you can be dynamic and edgy? Get granular, people love the details and the gritty persistence. Regardless of your particular medium, this domain screams aggressive yet thoughtful, tenacious yet thorough. You’re so confident in your abilities you were willing to compromise safety for risqué.

  • elevategreenery

    Raise awareness of the beauty of nature and clarity of what the color green represents. A domain that amplifies the importance of today’s social focus on fresh, organic, and healthy options. Heighten the senses and emotional connection with an authentic title that sends a potent message.


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