Abstract Name Ideas

Versatile business names, made-up words, open to interpretation (and imagination).

  • zobera

    Short, sweet, and dynamic, this name has it all without being tied to one particular sector. It’s all yours to make it mean whatever your heart desires.

  • Sale!


    Creating words out of thin air isn’t easy. Coupled with finding a brandable name and available domain, it’s nearly impossible. Luckily, you found this!

    $349.00 $199.00
  • kaveas

    An imaginary word that sounds familiar enough to earn the trust of your customers is a formula entrepreneurs and branding experts have tried to crack for decades. Lucky for you, this one is gift-wrapped and ready to go!

  • lanaloo

    A marketing-friendly name with a bit of feminine flare. A perfect fit for any business catering to hip, modern women.

  • jeckie

    There are a million and one uses for a short and sweet name like this from gaming to software. One word, easy to pronounce, and fun to say!

  • coolblo

    When a name sounds quirky enough, it’s only human that our curiosity takes over. After all, you clicked on this listing, right? We’re confident your customers will too.

  • Sale!


    Before your customers go to the competition, make sure they check your company first with a brandable name that creates curiosity and sticks with you.

    $99.00 $49.00
  • Sale!


    An inventive take on an offbeat word is the perfect fit for the right business model. Your company approaches things a little differently—so should your name.

    $149.00 $99.00
  • cingia

    The sky is the limit for a generic business name like this. Whatever industry you are trying to break into, here is your opportunity to establish yourself as the real deal.

  • Sale!


    If a brand sounds French, it must be fancy. If your product or service celebrates those with champagne tastes, this is the name for you.

    $99.00 $49.00
  • cobloo

    Give your customers something fun to say when they tell their friends about your company, app, service, or game!

  • Sale!


    A fun name like this just makes people happy. What a valuable opporunity be able to please customers and visitors before they even engage with your business!

    $99.00 $49.00
  • tetalo

    If Google has proven anything to us, it’s that your company doesn’t need to be a real word. When every entry in the dictionary is taken, it’s time to get creative and invent your own!

  • sweero

    There’s a million things you could do with a domain like this. It’s cute, short, and highly brandable. You deserve to have some fun with your new company!

  • kenaks

    A trendy website needs a trendy name so make sure you grab this one before it is gone and show visitors just how hip and on point you are with your message as well as with your website!

  • verrry

    Sure, it’s an adverb, but my high school English teacher refused to let us use it in our papers. She may very well have been very strict but you can be very successful with this exaggerated spin on my favorite descriptor!


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