Retail Business Name Ideas

  • aptnine

    There’s something romantic about city living; sharing a cramped space with friends, lovers, or even strangers. Somehow, with limited square footage, you’ve made this metropolitan breadbox a home that reflects who you are.

  • Friends Around a Campfire


    Your company is all about rustic charm and the simple things in life. Get back to nature with a name that breathes outdoor living and rural adventure.

  • gracewick

    From candles to home goods, this name is as versatile as it is memorable. It emotes a sense of family business with a strong history of customer satisfaction.

  • tealpants

    If your clothing store specializes in items for people with a unique fashion sense, you’ll need a name that captures that essence.

  • portandsail

    Nautical names resonate really positively with customers because, as people, we are drawn to the sea. It brings us peace and life. Make that connection instantly with a name that evokes thoughts of boats and seagulls by the dock!

  • aptsix

    It all began in apartment six. Your company started from a cramped studio and flourished into an unstoppable force. Make this story your reality with a name that sets the stage for success.

  • mustardshirts

    Apparel that sells so fast, it must have some mustard on it! Sure, that was cheesy but you are starting a company called Mustard Shirts, so let’s call it even.

  • teephase

    Everyone goes through a t-shirt phase, and that phase usually lasts their entire life. Your store will be there through the ups and downs of the latest trends to make sure customers are always looking their best!

  • highbutton

    You want to open a clothing store or apparel brand, but all the good names are taken. Wrong! This extremely brandable domain is ready for you to make fashion history.

  • heartybutcher

    Customers are nostalgic for the days of visiting the local neighborhood butcher shop for prime cuts of their favorite meats. A name like this can capture that warm feeling while enticing those who value fresh, quality dishes cooked prepared to perfection.

  • fabrictees

    Graphic t-shirts really are the fabric of our own self-expression. Wow, that’s deep. It’s up to you to help people convey to the world what they hold true.

  • sonicta

    Your company prides itself on speed and responsivness and now you have a name that shows the world what to expect when they world with you.

  • kaveas

    An imaginary word that sounds familiar enough to earn the trust of your customers is a formula entrepreneurs and branding experts have tried to crack for decades. Lucky for you, this one is gift-wrapped and ready to go!

  • picklerow

    You don’t have to be a fan of pickles to see the priceless branding opportunity in this name. Here is your chance to be as cool as a brined cucumber!

  • packagetrader

    An ecommerce shop name that gives customers the nostalgic feeling of an old fashioned roadside store that seems to have just about everything.

  • moxtee

    T-shirt marketing is big right now, and for good reason. If you have a clever idea for a graphic tee, you can have your own store running in less than a day—without ever touching a single piece of fabric yourself.

  • lemonfancy

    There is nothing sour about a highly brandable and versatile name like this. It evokes feelings of springtime and happiness in all—putting you in the perfect position to turn clicks into customers.

  • timepiecedaily

    Customers who love watches will love visiting your site every day to check out the latest offerings and products.

  • stitchtop

    Selling shirts is quickly becoming one of the internet’s favorite side hustles. With a killer domain name like this, you can stand out and earn the respect of your audience with ease.

  • doublesticks

    The only better than one stick is two. Here is your chance to start a brand that evokes the simplicity in our desires.

  • blackfixtures

    Making a home feel modern, cool, and comfortable is a big challenge. Your store sells a wide range of black knobs, pulls, fixtures, and accessories to drab places into fab spaces.

  • uptightcotton

    Even preppy people need to buy their collared shirts somewhere. You could be the go-to source for stuffy apparel and charge a premium for the privilege.

  • timepiecetoday

    Watches are having a major moment right now and with a name like this, you could get in on the action just in time!

  • popresale

    From designer clothes to luxury vehicles, there is a booming aftermarket for buying, selling, and trading used items of any kind. Your business could cash in on the frugal-minded consumer with a name that fits like a glove.


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