Health & Fitness Business Name Ideas

  • regmedicine

    Any new startup in the healthcare space needs a name that exudes professionalism and earns trust among its customers. This is that name.

  • wellcoastal

    Let the ocean breeze guide your body to a place of peace and personal wellness with a business name that transports your customers.

  • All Natural Health


    The future of fitness is all natural and you can be one step ahead of the trends with this exclusive premium name.

  • Hemp Leaf


    With all the wonders CBD promises, and the results people are seeing, it’s easy to get hooked on its natural potent powers.

  • Dog with Floppy Ear


    Studies have shown that CBD has promising benefits for our furry friends. Set your paw into the profitable world of pet products with a cute name to match!

  • Yoga App


    Your yoga program breaks free of tradition and takes clients in a whole new direction of personal fitness and mental wellness.

  • Woman Running on Treadmill


    You help your clients reveal a happier, healthier version of themselves through fitness training and nutritional guidance. This is your new brand!

  • depthdna

    There has been a recent fascination with uncovering the origins of where we all came from. People want to know their geographical, family, and genetic history. Get in on the action with a name that speaks to their quest for DNA knowledge!

  • rowcircle

    You’re looking for a name that just sounds official. Well, you’ve found one! This domain is totally open to interpretation—a blank slate for your big idea.

  • nutritask

    When it comes to eating well, many people need to be told exactly what to do. Meal planning is taking the wellness world by storm right now. Here is your opportunity to help customers reach their nutritional goal one task at a time.

  • lanaloo

    A marketing-friendly name with a bit of feminine flare. A perfect fit for any business catering to hip, modern women.

  • cingia

    The sky is the limit for a generic business name like this. Whatever industry you are trying to break into, here is your opportunity to establish yourself as the real deal.

  • swipewellness

    Everything can be done online or from an app now. Why should personal fitness be any exception? Show the world how to live and what to eat from the convenience of their mobile device anytime, anywhere.

  • girleisure

    For women, anything can be a fashion opportunity—even just hanging around the house. Your brand promises comfort and style with a focus on what girls are looking for when lounging.

  • gapwell

    To stand the test of time, your business should sound like it’s been around forever. Choose a name than elicits trust and tradition with a vague familiarity clients will gravitate toward.

  • livingsolid

    Infuse your new brand into the lives and lifestyles of those who follow you. With this name, you can create a culture and community around your core mission to simply live solid.

  • barrebasic

    Barre offers a hybrid workout somewhere in between ballet and yoga. This fitness fad isn’t going anywhere so here is your opportunity to get a leg up on the local competition with a welcoming, non-pretentious studio name!

  • spinjab

    Super trendy and hip this is a fun domain that allows you to have fun and create a memorable landing space for your online business, blog, or website. Make sure people can find you and remember you once they do with this fun phrase!

  • sculptedgains

    Modern fitness trends mold and shape the world in many ways and if you want a name for your site that is just as influential and modern trends then this is the domain name for you!

  • leftdental

    As more and more people come to realize the importance of oral health and the impact it can have on their overall health, the need for quality dental service and care has never been greater. Get noticed right away with this memorable name.

  • ecigswitch

    A domain that speaks volumes, ecigswitch, sends the message to smokers of the ease and simplicity of modifying their behavior and making a new choice. Gently shift the negativity of smoking cigarettes to the impression of a favorable alternative. This name is firm, demands attention, and captures the significance of taking action.

  • branchmedicine

    In the medical field, there are plenty of metaphorical ties to trees, roots, and nature as a whole. It only makes sense that a practice or company in the health care space would use it in their name.

  • biomtn

    Personal wellness can be a tall mountain to climb. It can also be an adventure. A business like yours can be there for people from the base to the summit of their journey—and now you can have the perfect name to match.

  • betweengreatness

    There’s something to be said for proximity—even in regards to one’s success. Being adjacent to greatness is often the perfect opportunity to learn more, grow faster, and launch your tomorrow.


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