Crafts & Hobbies Business Name Ideas

  • woodgrained

    Wood is nature’s canvas, with grains that tell their own unique story. People love to see the rich, fascinating details of the materials in their furniture, flooring, and decor. That just so happens to be your specialty.

  • threadbutton

    Clothing and apparel is a massive category in online business and ecommerce. Customers are always hoping to discover unique finds that match their personality and your brand has something for everyone!

  • mockyp

    These days, potential customers want to see something tangible when buying from a company. From t-shirts to business cards, designers are expected to show more than a digital proof, but a realistic finished product—and your platform helps them achieve that.

  • sprala

    Before your customers go to the competition, make sure they check your company first with a brandable name that creates curiosity and sticks with you.

  • eskewed

    An inventive take on an offbeat word is the perfect fit for the right business model. Your company approaches things a little differently—so should your name.

  • cyanpig

    If your company prides itself on being fun, light-hearted, and creative, you just stumbled into a trough of pure gold.

  • frameposition

    In business, being in the right place at the right time is everything. You help make that proximity possible.

  • extracountry

    Your customers love the country lifestyle and everything that comes with it. Show them their pride has found a new home with this patriotic brand name.

  • duckandstone

    Something about the wilderness brings a sense of peace and serenity to people. Your customers will surely appreciate the nod to nature with this uniquely down to earth business name.

  • cobloo

    Give your customers something fun to say when they tell their friends about your company, app, service, or game!

  • childsplash

    Kids love to make a mess—but if they’re playing, they’re learning! Snag this versatile business name that appeals to parents and children alike and create something the whole family will love!

  • createcoastal

    Whether you do business by the sea or are land-locked in the middle of nowhere, the sound and smell of the ocean draws attention. You create things that transport audiences to their happy beach-side paradise and now you have the name to match.

  • brasshen

    This name combines one of the most common metals found in bars and pubs around the world with the matriarch of the farmhouse coop. Sounds like a business that’s been around, has earned its reputation, and exists to serve its customers.

  • mocksmith

    Fun, engaging, and trendy, this a great choice for any website wanting to rise above the competition and have a strong and memorable domain for years to come.

  • letterhall

    Words are powerful things and when you want to get the best domain to host your website then words matter even more so make sure you grab this trendy phrase now while you still can!

  • kenaks

    A trendy website needs a trendy name so make sure you grab this one before it is gone and show visitors just how hip and on point you are with your message as well as with your website!

  • inspiredtouches

    Send an aspirational message of a supportive approach with motivating strokes. Your unique effect will emerge from this domain that moves the spirit with positive vibes. Words as uncommon as these that combine to tell a story of hope will most certainly gain attention and popularity.

  • framebalance

    When dealing with a border or edge that requires support and structure, whether a bicycle, artwork, or human body, all sides must fuse together in equilibrium to ensure stability, symmetry, and proportion. This domain speaks to the precise nature of expertise so vital that you selected it to represent your brand. Without balance, a frame is not a frame.

  • frameabove

    Whether a human being or piece of artwork, the surrounding edges are what draws attention to the central features or point of interest. Imagine a painting without mounting? With its bold claim of superiority, this domain elicits an attractive meaning of expertise far beyond any alternative options. Share your skill and send a message of grandeur of a level of service that will exceed expectations.

  • Sale!


    Do you have a remarkable product, impressive merchandise, or invention of grand proportions? Tell the world about your offering with a blockbuster domain that’s larger-than-life with classic appeal. This name is a showstopper, they don’t come as heroic than this!

    $149.00 $20.00
  • digitalsplatter

    A domain of the popular type of “organized chaos” speaks volumes about how connected you are covering all segments of the new cyber world order. Your services reach far and wide in an electronic society full of ideas, opportunities, and opinions. Showcase your vast and diverse skillset with an all- encompassing name that is as memorable as it is amusing.

  • Sale!


    Quality and craftsmenship go a long way in today’s world of commerce. Brands that embrace the grit and passion that go into their process are rewarded with loyal customers and increased profits. When handmade is the only way, you are a true artisan.

    $129.00 $20.00
  • orcwell

    When starting a brand new business, it isn’t always easy to gain the trust of potential clients and customers. A name that sounds established and familiar just might be the advantage you need to start that conversation.


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